Brand Strategy

We will help you create a good strategy to build you as a brand, so that you and your brand will be as strong as possible.

Your career is not only what you perform on the football pitch. It is also how your brand is established and published to the public. How you act as a person, how you present yourself, where you are present and what you want to accomplish. 

We will make sure that you get the best possible tools to create all this with the right networks, environments, presentations, social media and much more. All this to be able to show you and you as a brand as good as possible to the public eye. 


We will help you get the most out of your sponsorship agreements and also help you establish new sponsors

When you develop and get success in your career sponsors will be tied to you. It is very important that those sponsors is in line with your own profile and brand since they shall be a part of you and your career for a long time. 

It is very important that you have good contact with your sponsors and that you are working with brands that pushes your own brand, we will help you with that. 

Juridical Advice

We work with top lawyers, to help you with legal matters, contracts and much more.

With many  years of experience within elite football and business school we have acquired great understanding of the legal parts of elite sports. 

We also use and work together with one of the best law firms in Stockholm for contracts and other legal matters. All this because we want to make sure that you feel well taken care of and that you and your interests are secured. 

Health Coaching

We offer you Health Coaching through personal Diet plans and exersices.

Your body is your most important tool in your athletic career. That is why a lot of the time and focus will be put on boosting your health. We will help you with personalized diet plans and exercises to keep you strong and healthy, so that you can function on top level both on and off the pitch.

All Star Team

Our connections to high merit players will be able to help in certain situations.

In BSM we have a group of people with top class level merits. For exempel we have Champions League winners and former Premier League players that will be able to help and guide you in situations that require external help. That is a luxury that we can offer our clients.

Media & Pr

We will advice on how to best use Media to your advantage and boost your brand.

With experience from media and social media, we know that you can’t just post or say whatever you feel like in the moment. Knowledge of what to say and when is key when you want to build your brand image. Let us help you.